“Can I be in the Bible?”

Hannah, my 4 year-old, has really been talking to us a lot about what she is learning in her Bible classes.  This week she was recounting to Jamie in great detail the story of Saul on the road to Damascus.  She forgot one part of the story and asked Jamie how it finished.  Jamie then got her Bible out and found the story and began reading it.  Hannah said with great astonishment, “This story comes from the Bible?”  “Yeah,” Jamie said, “All of the stories in Bible class come from the Bible.”  “Oh,” she said.

Hannah then went on to ask, “How did God pick the people in the Bible to be in there?”  “Well…” Jamie thought for a moment.  “God chose people very carefully to teach the world about his love,” she replied.  “Well, can I be in the Bible someday?” asked Hannah.  “No, you can’t be in the Bible but we all can be a part of God’s story.”

As Jamie recounted this story to me last night, I became very proud of a few things.  I was so proud of Hannah’s faith and how smart and insightful she is.  I was also very proud of the dedicated wife that I have who is doing such a great job of teaching faith to our children.

I love what Jamie reminded me of last night.  All of us are a part of God’s story.  Live out your life using the Great Story as the guide for your own story.  The Bible is already written, but God’s story playing out in this world and in your life is yet to be finished.

“He who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.”Phil 1:6

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