Expedition Possible

This summer I watched a TV show called Expedition Impossible.  It is very similar to the popular TV show over past few years The Amazing Race.  In Expedition Impossible, teams of 3 raced one another on a course that included many outdoor challenges such as hiking, mountain climbing, repelling, white water rafting, and even sky diving.  Each week the team that finished last was eliminated.

I was fascinated that one of the teams included a blind man.  He hiked mountainous terrain, canoed, and even jumped down a 30 foot waterfall without seeing the impending danger.  Another member of this same team severely twisted his ankle on one of the hikes giving the team another seemingly insurmountable obstacle.  This three man team had to lean on the remaining member to lead them, guide them, and motivate them.  The team powered through these challenges and finished 2nd in the competition inspiring everyone who participated in the race and everyone who watched it on TV.

I was encouraged by this team’s display of teamwork and perseverance.  What a great illustration of how we are to encourage and inspire one another on our faith journey!  Let us guide one another when we see a brother or sister who seems to have lost their way and let us pick each other up when we are going though periods of pain.  Our faith expedition is not impossible when we have the Lord and one another to lean on and to guide us.

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