Mud Dash

Recently, I ran a race called the Mighty Mudder Dash here in Houston.  It is a 5 Kilometer (3.2 miles) race which included 15 obstacles along the way involving a lot of water and mud.  What would possess us to do this?  Well, I guess it was just a good way to spend some time together while enjoying some good clean fun (except it was dirty and muddy…you know what I mean).  There were many things about this race that reminded me of our spiritual race.

There are many obstacles that are placed in our lives designed by the evil one to slow us down or make us quit.  In the Mudder race we had obstacles that tested our strength like the rope swing that tested if we were strong enough to hang on.  We had obstacles like the mud ditch that tested how we dealt with wet, muddy, and slippery terrain.  We also had obstacles that tested our bravery like the cargo net.  We had to climb up 30 feet up and then flip around and climb down.  It was amazing how many people were paralyzed by this high challenge.  Finally, there were obstacles like the wall that tested our climbing ability.  I did alright on the climb up but I took a good tumble coming down.  The entire race tested our endurance.  It wore me out pretty good.  The most important thing for us to remember in the midst of the obstacles in our spiritual race is to do our best.  Pauls says in 1Cor 9, “Run is such a way as to get the prize.”  Paul is saying that we are to do our best in our race.  He is encouraging us to endure the obstacles in the race and finish strong.

It was a good feeling when we finished the race.  Some finished ahead of others but all of us finished with at least somebody else from church.  This is a good lesson too.  Running our race together is much easier than running alone.  So, you can say I learned some good lessons from the Mudder Dash.  One last lesson, keep your mouth and eyes closed when you are going down the muddy slip and slide.

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