What Counts

“The only thing that counts is faith expressing itself through love.”

-Galatians 5:6

So often I feel like many other things are more important in life than what this verse tells me.  I don’t think it in my mind.  And I definitely don’t say it out loud to myself or anyone else.  But what happens is many times, times like this one, I stop and seek God in his Word, pray, and reflect on my life, and I see that I am living like this verse is not true.  My faith can wane and my love can dry up.

Lord, help me to trust you today with my life, decisions, ministry, and relationships.  Help me to grow not only in faith but in love.  You teach me that love without faith is misguided and faith without love is useless.  Give me both today.  Water my soul so that it sprouts the love and faith that you desire me to have.  Help me to love my brothers and sisters in Christ in a way that they would recognize can only come from you.  Cleanse my heart and prepare me to love all that you place in my path.

Thank you for showing me your faithfulness and your love through Jesus.  Without him I am nothing.  He is all that counts.  You have faith in me and you express your love to me daily.  Because of you I can have faith and I can express love.

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