Building Faith for Tomorrow – Sept 9

I am looking forward to the 2nd Annual Building Faith for Tomorrow: Ministry Workshop on September 8, 2012 at the West Houston Church of Christ in Houston, TX.

Last year, our inaugural workshop, began as a Bible Teachers Workshop with close to 300 in attendance with dozens of churches in attendance. This year we are expanding our offerings to include tracks in children education, adult education, youth and family ministry, and leadership/eldership.

Registration is $30 ($15 if you are at Champions) which includes a great lunch.  You can register online (unless you are champions and want the $15 price, then sign the bulletin board or email me)

We are very excited about the lineup of speakers this year and we are confident that everyone will benefit from the workshop to the glory of God.

Our Keynote is Dr. Monte Cox who is speaking on cultural changes and implication for making disciples.

Check out more info and register at

Here are our class offerings:

Adult Education:

  • Dr. Monte Cox (Harding University Bible Department Dean and Professor)  “Paradigms Lost: Cultural Implication on Adult Education”
  • Dr. Houston Heflin (Education Professor at Abilene Christian University) “Teaching Eutychus: Creative Teaching to Engage all Learners ” and “Quality Curriculum for Churches”
  • Dr. Jeffrey Peterson (Professor at the Austin Graduate School of Theology) “The Book of Acts: What Kind of Church Could We Be?”
  • Drew Custer (Education and Involvement Minister at the Champions Church of Christ) “Forming the Faithful: Visions of Adult Education”
  • Chris Pierson (Education Minister at the West Houston Church of Christ) “Bible Class as Learning Communities”

Children’s Ministry/Education:

  • Shannon Rains (Children and Family Minister at the Kingwood Church of Christ) “How to Design Art Camp” and “Volunteer Recruiting Made Simple”
  • Nancy Penney (Experienced Children’s Minister and Hospital Chaplain) “Children as Evangelists”
  • Donna Sue Arnold (LTC Coordinator at West Houston Church of Christ) “LTC: Leadership Training for Christ”
  • Susan Maxwell (Experienced teacher at the Kingwood Church of Christ) “Teaching Children to Pray”
  • Kandy Wulf  (Teacher and Media Coordinator at West Houston Church of Christ) “Creativity with Die Cuts for Bible Classes”

Youth/Family Ministry:

  • Jeff Phillips (Family Life Minister at the Conroe Church of Christ) “What is ‘Spiritual’?”, “Jesus’ Spiritual Development,” and “Practical Strategies for Spiritual Formation”
  • Dr. Steven Bonner (Professor of Youth and Family Minister at Lubbock Christian University) “Family Ministry: What is it?” and “Passing on Our Faith”

Leadership/Elder Track:

  • John Duncum (Experienced Elder and M.A. in Conflict Resolution and Reconciliation) “So You Think You Know What’s Going On” and “How Can We Pull Together”

Other Ministry:

  • Dr. Matt Soper (Senior Minister at the West Houston Church of Christ) “Ministering to People with Same-Sex Attraction”
  • Angela Soper (Psychotherapist and Church Counselor) “Counseling Triage: What to Do When You Don’t Know What to Do”

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