All Tied Up

SONY DSCIt is Wednesday and I am wearing a tie.  I would like to make a confession…I don’t like wearing ties.  They get in the way.  I don’t like the way they feel around my neck.  They make me warm.  I do like dressing up sometimes but I have never had a very good relationship with ties. “Why are you wearing one then?” you might be asking yourself, “Is there a funeral or wedding today?”  Thanks for asking, but no.  The reason I am wearing a tie today has to do with my daughter.  Let me explain.

Hannah has recently been receiving a small allowance because she has wanted to buy some things.  We have been giving her an allowance from time to time connected with special chores.  She loves doing these and she loves even more the promise of a crisp dollar bill at the end.  Actually, she doesn’t care is they’re crisp.  On Monday she had finally earned a grand total of $10 and she was ready to spend it.  Yesterday, Jamie took Hannah and Luke to the store to see what she would buy with her money.  When I came home last night she was excited to show me what she bought with her money.  You guessed it.  It was a tie…for me.

I have been touched by many gifts I have received in my life but this was the first one that brought tears to my eyes in a while.  My daughter worked hard for her money.  I define “hard” as a six-year-old would define “hard.”  She could have bought a toy or some candy with her money but she bought her dad a tie.  Then she asked me, “Will you wear it tomorrow daddy?”  At that moment the tie, which I usually don’t get along with, looked like the most precious gift I have ever received.

So, I am wearing a tie today.  I love this tie, because I love my daughter.  I thank the Lord for precious gifts given me by my children.  I want to be the kind of child of God that gives my Lord gifts of worship, love, peace, and service.  The Lord doesn’t wear ties, as far as I know, but I know he always appreciates me giving of myself by showing love to others and by prioritizing my life around his love.  I do this because I will never forget what an amazing gift he gave to us in Jesus.  God has given me a precious gift in Jesus and I want to give back to him every day.

The day’s events also made me think of one of my daughter’s favorite songs:

“I’m all wrapped up, I’m all tied up, I’m all tangled up in Jesus.”

3 thoughts on “All Tied Up

  1. She is so sweet. When we were in Houston, Hannah told me she was saving up to buy a tie for you. I’m glad she was able to do it. A precious gift.

  2. Awesome!!!! My little girl often wants me to wear a tie on Sunday just because it means she can pick it out for me. I usually try and get her to pick my socks instead!!! 😉

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