Pick Your Battles

We’ve heard the slogan “choose your battles wisely” and we have agreed with it.  Fighting every battle is never wise for any individual, community, or nation.  Christians also should choose their battles wisely.  We should especially choose carefully because what we do reflects on Jesus and if we are not prudent it could reflect negatively on his kingdom and message.  I try as hard as I can to not be an agenda driven person other than to take up the agenda of Jesus.  I probably fail in this more often than not, but that is my goal.  That is what we all signed up for as disciples of Jesus.  One issue that is at the forefront of our national stage right now is gun control.  How should we react as Christians to the battle that is raging?  We should not answer too quickly.   We should think, reflect, and pray as any faithful individual would before enlisting in any conflict.  As Christians, we know that we are to refrain from battles in which the Lord of our lives and the King of Kings would not engage.  Rich Little wrote about this contemporary issue on his blog:

“American Christians pick interesting battles to fight…We are now in the middle of another fight, one that pits citizens who defend their right to own semi-automatic weapons against citizens calling for tighter gun control. Two camps have again formed and many voices calling for support of current gun laws are coming from the Christian community. In fact, one is hard pressed to find Christian leaders or thinkers calling for tighter gun control. It’s surprising to see these strong, visceral responses coming from followers of Christ which seem disproportionate from issues that are actually important to Christ. I’m saying this as someone who believes in our right to own guns, enjoys shooting them, and who doesn’t think guns should be outlawed. However, the time, energy and passion that the body of Christ gives to a cause should be proportionate to the time, energy and passion we believe Christ would give to that same cause.”

I’m not saying that any of us should avoid taking a stand for issues that are important to us, and perhaps it’s gun control for you.  What I do want to ask is: Are you as passionate for the cause of Christ, which is summarized as love for God and neighbor, as you are in promoting your own personal and political agendas?  Are you careful to engage all your battles first as a disciple and second as a citizen?  These are good questions to ponder as we pick our battles.

Read Rich Little’s full article on “Guns and Jesus in America.”

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