Fully Alive

“I will live this day as fully alive as I can.” These are life changing words uttered from a surprising source. They did not come from a world renowned philosopher, successful entrepreneur, or religious guru. They were not uttered from a serene monastery, an erudite office, or an efficacious board room. They were spoken by Belinda Curtis, mother of two, wife of Tim, while in hospice care dying of brain cancer.

Belinda CurtisI had the privilege of getting to know Belinda during my time in Memphis. Tim, Belinda’s husband, who was the preacher at the Quince Road Church of Christ at the time, hired me fresh out of Harding University to be the young adult ministry intern while I studied full-time at Harding School of Theology. Belinda worked as the church secretary. Yes, the preacher was sleeping with the secretary, and everyone was alright with that. I got to work with Belinda for about two years.

I remember Belinda as the kind of person that everyone instantly knows she cares about them. Not in the “she’s good at looking like she cares” kind of way. But…she really cared. I remember many conversations with her about marriage, ministry, and countless other deep-level life topics. Belinda was someone whose character was evident by the way she lived and the choices she made. Not to take anything away from Tim, Rene, or myself, but in many ways Belinda was the best minister in that church. She lived to serve, she was eager to pray, and she quickly spoke of the Lord. Belinda is someone to me that is “fully alive.”

This is why what she has said recently has implanted itself so deeply in my heart. These words from a caring soul in a sick body are a gift to me that I will carry with me until we meet again in renewed bodies. Although she will likely die soon, her impact on that young minister 13 years ago never will. And these words will not either. The longer I reflect on her words the more I feel them growing within me. Belinda seems to live these words with such ease. For her Jesus is her life (Col 3:4). This is why she can look at such trying circumstances in the eyes and she can say, “I will live this day as fully alive as I can.” Thank you Belinda for the impact you have had on me through your life and your words.

You can read an interview with Belinda where she said these words HERE.

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