May I Have Your Attention

Jessica, my middle sister, finally got the attention she always desired.  She said something to this effect during her wedding on Friday while standing between her 4 siblings, in her white dress, during the barrage of pictures. The truth is, Jessica has always had the attention of most everyone she has met.  This is not because she always craves attention, although one could argue that she does well upon life’s “stages” and likes it.

Jessica and Justin Raabe

Jessica and Justin Raabe

She has always had my attention. She has had my attention not because she is my little sister or because of her personal strengths, although there are many. She is compassionate, fearless, adventurous, creative, thoughtful, and bold, among many other inner qualities which defy description. She is simply a beautiful person. A person that was on display on her wedding. A person whose stunning dress and carefully placed decorations didn’t do her justice. That is saying a lot because it was a beautiful dress and wedding, kudos to the family, friends, caterers, wedding party, and the sunset over the bay in Tampa.

Jessica is a person that has made it clear that her life is not her own, it belongs to someone else. This is where Justin comes in. No, Jessica does not belong to Justin. The person that she belongs to is the same person Justin belongs to. They both met while calling attention to the real One that matters. They are spotlights for Him that we hope will now shine even brighter because they have one another, like what happens when two lit candle wicks are touched together.

Jessica has always had a desire to call attention to the Lord. During a family camping trip, I remember the awkward, teenage Jessica speaking to us during a family devotional about her desire to be bolder in her faith. That moment stuck with me and began to reveal the beauty that she had within. This moment called attention to the One that was in control of “Jessica world.” (I put Brandon’s words in quotes here…you just had to hear his wedding toast at the reception to understand). It was a desire for calling attention to God that took Jessica to many places in which she has ministered from Harding to Fort Walton Beach, from her middle school classroom in Tampa to her college students in China. She has given God some attention where it was not given before in the lives of many.

Jessica, you are always noticed because you try to give attention to the One who is worth it. You will not always succeed, but you are beautiful because you try with all your heart. Thank you for allowing me to see more of the Lord through knowing you. I look forward to years of witnessing you and Justin call attention to the Lord wherever you may go.

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