How to Melt a Frozen Heart

frozenYou don’t have to twist my arm to get me to admit that I love Disney’s animated movies.  Part of the reason is because I have small children.  But mostly, I love them because they are great movies.  The Toy Story trilogy, Finding Nemo, and Wreck-It Ralph all have a special place in our family’s heart.  This winter, Disney did it again with the release of Frozen.  The movie involves tragedy, a princess, a reindeer, rock trolls, an ice castle, and a living snowman as comedic relief.

The movie has many good lessons in it but the prevailing theme of the movie was found in its answer to the question, “How does one melt a frozen heart?”  The condition that this question refers to in the movie was a literal frozen heart but at the same time was signaling to a deeper condition recognized by many of us.  The “frozen heart” condition is caused when because of tragedy, hurt, disappointment, struggle or fear we shut out others in our lives.  We sometimes “freeze” out particular people who have wronged us, a certain group of people that we don’t understand, friends or loved ones who we think don’t understand us, or we freeze out everyone because our heart has made us cold.

In the movie, the cure for the frozen heart of Princess Anna, was an act of sacrificial love for the one who had hurt her.  The great message of the movie was that “love melts a frozen heart.”  Whether you or someone else you know struggles with a “frozen heart,” acts of love can slowly or sometimes quickly thaw out a relationship that has been cold.  No matter how much any of us say the words of Elsa, “the cold doesn’t bother me anyway,” it’s not true.  We are all affected deeply when relationships grow cold because of a frozen heart.

God would want us to accept his sacrificial love for us through Jesus.  God’s love is the kind of ethic that allows us to see all people as worth “melting for,” as Olaf would say.  Jesus calls us to show his warm, sacrificial, selfless, forgiving love to all those who need its warmth.  He would also remind us to stay in close proximity to the fire pit of his love.  If we decide to apply this loving approach to those in our lives we may melt our own frozen heart and be able to sing along with Anna, “For the first time in forever nothing’s in my way.”  The movie makes a much better point than I did in this article.  Let’s thaw out those frozen hearts and relationships through the sacrificial love that saved us and was modeled for us through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

I can’t help using one more quote from the movie because it’s just cold outside, “Let’s bring back summer.”

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