Bible Class Resources

Here is the list of curriculum that I have in my possession for you to use in teaching.  If you have other ideas or suggestions for material or if you have a suggestion for what you would like to teach in the future please let me know.

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Textual Curriculum:

  • Matthew (13 sessions)
  • Hebrews (13 sessions)
  • 1,2 Timothy, Titus, Philemon (13 sessions)
  • Judges, Ruth (13 sessions)
  • Joshua (13 sessions)
  • 2 Corinthians (13 sessions)
  • Kingdom in Israel (1,2 Samuel, 1 Kings) (13 sessions)
  • Acts (2 parts of 13 sessions a piece)
  • Romans (13 sessions)

FLEX quarterly studies (discussion oriented):

  • Parables in Luke (13 sessions)
  • Holy God, Holy People (13 sessions)
  • Watershed Moments: Pivotal Points in Church History (13 sessions)
  • Our Rock and Our Fortress: 2 Samuel (13 Sessions)
  • People of Purpose: Ephesians (13 Sessions)
  • Second Mile Servants: Gospel of Matthew (13 Sessions)
  • A Church that Shines: Acts part 1 (13 Sessions)
  • A Church that Spreads: Acts part 2  (13 sessions)
  • The Story of God’s People (13 sessions)
  • Heroes of Faith (13 sessions)
  • Living a Life that Matters (13 sessions)- Studies in Eccl, Prov, and Psalms
  • The Church of Christ in the 21st Century (13 sessions)

Video Curriculum:

  • Becoming a Contagious Christian (DVD)- Evangelism study/equipping
  • Ray Vander Laan Videos (Acheological Insight in the Bible Lands)
    • “In the Dust of the Rabbi” (5 Sessions) 10-15 minustes each
    • “The Early Church” (5 Sessions) 10-15 minutes each
  • Crazy Love, Francis Chan (10 Sessions) Short 5-10 minute videos to start discussion
  • H2O: A Journey of Faith (10 Sessions) About 20 minutes each
    • For seekers and new believers

Books that can be used for classes:

  • Negotiating with God: How we and God relate to One Another by Kevin Rachel
  • Citizens of Heaven, Residents of Earth by Lindsey Garmon
  • An Angel’s View: Encountering God through the Stories of the Heavenly Hosts by former NASA Deputy Director, Michael O’Neal
  • When God Calls: Whil You Trust Me Now? by Glenn Pemberton
  • The Christian Atheist by Craig Groeschel
  • Crazy Love by Francis Chan
  • Pilgrim Heart by Darryl Tippens – On Spiritual Disciplines

Web Sites that have free Curriculum for Download:

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