Faith @ Home

God envisions the home as the primary place where faith is lived out and developed. God envisions the parents as the primary faith trainers of children as seen in Deuteronomy 6.  This of course starts with me and my own family so I am trying to do these things as well.  Here is a basic strategy that the Custers are trying to do and hopefully it will be a blessing to other families as well.

The Faith @ Home Strategy

The Faith @ Home Strategy has 2 parts:

     1.   The Family Strategy

The family that is committed to developing faith in their children will consistantly participate in 3 Parent Actions:

    1. Family Devotionals: these are consitant planned times during the week devoted to Scripture reading, prayer, sharing and faith discussion
    2. “Impressive” Language: this term is derrived from Deuteronomy 6, where the children are to “impress” their faith upon their children.  The idea is that parents must consistantly sease opportunities for spontaneous Faith discussions in the house.  Speaking of God during the normal things of life should not be awkward.
    3. Family Serve: A family that serves together…is acting out with their hands the faith that is in their hearts (You thought that was going to rhyme didn’t you?).  Jesus lived to serve and so should Christ-centered families.  Serving others is a genuine expression of God’s love and shows your children that you are real about living for Jesus.

     2.   The Faith @ Home Journey

Parenting is a journey in which you guide your child through the different stages of development with the goal of developing Christ-like adults.  The Faith @ Home Journey recognizes the need that parents have for resources to help them with the challenges that their children are experiencing. We pray that the recommended resources will not only help parents know how to deal with these challenges but most importantly how to develop genuine disciples of Jesus.

Recommended Resources for the Faith @Home Journey

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